Friday, November 9, 2012


Love is one big riddle that many people don’t have an answer to. Many people will tend to think that the physical outlook of say, a girl will initiate a love like feeling. That you will have an intimate feeling to beautiful girls.bur one big question that comes in is ‘’why then do blind people fall in love yet they don’t see?’ this and other questions remain unanswered as it pertains love. Some people have a mindset that African girls are most beautiful, and yes to some extend African girls are beautiful, though not all. But with all the beautiful African girls how do you win a girls love? Here are some tips on how to love African girls;
First show her that you really like her.proove to her that you are not just lusting for her.dont rush to kissing her the first day, instead to her nicely, get to know one or two things about what she likes, her hobbies so that probably next time you meet you will surprise her with one of her best likes.memorise her name as quick as possible an start calling by her name on your first meeting. When she starts talking give her full time to talk without interfering.cruck nice jokes with her. If you can make her laugh, then you can be assured of her love
Care for her and show appreciation even to the smallest thing she does to you.copliment her every time you meet her with words like “you look pretty’’, ‘’I love your hair style’’. Possibly sent her an appreciating text after you part and let her know that you really enjoyed and loved the time you spend together. Feel good and bad for her. In times when things are not ok with her be on her side and show her that you really feel bad about the matter and that you want things change for the better. In her happy moments, be happy with her too. That way she will be feeling your care and warmth. Make her feel like she is the most beautiful lady in this world.african girls really love to be complimented for their beauty.
Let her feel safe when she is with you. Never let an African girl go hungry while with her. Buy her something to eat when she is hungry.dont even let it come from her but propose it yourself that you want to take her for lunch or dinner. Even if you don’t have much in your pocket, just be sincere and have a soft drink together. It doesn’t bring out a good picture to an African girl when you don’t eat or share a drink together.
Be sincere and let her know that you really love her and her alone. Get her trust by sharing with her what you are thinking. Involve her in your issues. That way she will know that you trust her and she will trust you bank. When she comes visiting, give her your clothes say jacket to wear. African girls’ love this soo much as they feel that they are part of you if you can let them wear your clothes. Be sincere with African girls as none of the above mentioned really matters if you really don’t care about them

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