Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tips to Keep Your Mind Fresh and Healthy

Is this the case that you are trying to recall a close friends’ or relatives’ name but you can’t? Forgot your parent’s anniversary? In our chaotic exhausted life, it is obvious scenario.
Health is ones best friend ever. If a persons’ health is fine, then his or her brain works faster and can handle even complex matters in a simple way. Success in life will not come automatically. In order to become successful, day to day hard work needed and for this fresh brain is very essential. It is our brain that takes the full load of works we execute throughout the day. We give so many inputs into our brain beyond its capacity. So, obviously it will become tedious day by day if not proper actions been taken.
There are many things which need to take under consideration in order to keep brain fresh and healthy –

·         Have a sound sleep –
Nothing but a complete sleep may recharge your brain up. In a research it has been proven that during sleeping, our memory recalls all the facts and images that we have performed throughout the day. Therefore at least 6 hours sound sleep needed daily for any adult person to boost up the brain and ready for next days’ important schedules.
·         Enjoy life –
In the busy work schedule, we often get any time for recreation. But this is essential for our brain to work out. In order to control memory loss, we should enjoy with some fun activities keeping stress beside. That will help our mind refreshing enough to perform each task with much more energy and encouragement. A person can take out some time for reading a nice novel, playing with children, doing something pleasant, joining Yoga and many more to recharge brain power.
·         Take almonds –
Almond is prescribed as a riser for brain power. It is with full of nutrition that works perfectly for brain. By taking a combined drink of almond oil and milk late at night or in morning can help improving memory.
·         Take Apple juice as drink –
Taking one apple a day is a doctor’s prescription for good health. But apple juice is even much better since in a research, conducted in UML (University of Massachusetts Lowell), it has been found that apple juice is the reason of increasing construction of neurotransmitter acetylcholine in brain, thus raising power of the memory.
·         Brain needs exercise –
Just like body, brain needs exercise. Children have much brain power than adults because the former love playing. We need to find time for relaxation everyday and can play scrabbles, puzzles or any other games that can be helpful in sharpening brain.
Starting a day with a fresh mind can be the source of achievements in daily life. We need to take proper care of not only our health, but also our brain to lead in this competitive world.  Dullness can cause each act imperfect and may continue a chain of dissatisfaction and illness. Therefore we need to maintain our brain stress free and refreshed enough to face new challenges of life.

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